Quick Tips #4 // Salvaging Electronic Components

In this video, I’ll show you 4 ways to remove electronic components from your circuit boards. Whether you’re repairing boards or salvaging parts, it’s a necessary skill.

Here’s an article to accompany this video that shows 9 different techniques including the 4 shown in the video.

Links to the equipment shown in the video:

Solder Pot:

Solder Sucker:

Solder Wick:

Desoldering Machine:

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A guide to finding electrical parts suppliers

Finding a good electrical parts suppliers can be a challenge. Once you find the parts you need, though, you can call the organization at any time for virtually any of your needs. This includes items for your commercial and industrial applications or hard-to-find items for older machines and buildings. As a contractor, you need the latest products and materials, and you need the best price.

Electrical parts suppliers can provide you with every type of outlet and device you need. For those who are looking for a supplier they can rely on for virtually every item they need, it can seem like a challenge at first. Instead of buying individual pieces and parts from numerous retailers, though, look for one organization that sells it all. You could save money on it this way, and you could reduce the overall impact of not having a supplier when you really need something delivered right away.

When choosing an electrical supply company to supply your electrical needs, you may also want to consider what kind of quality supplies you need. If you use the best quality supplies, your company will have a better reputation and you will be seen as a business professional. Whether you are on your own or are a company representative, your company can be either made or broken by what kind of supply items you buy.

It can be difficult, however, to find electrical companies that come with a good reputation who are able to meet every electrical need that you may have and you don’t want to make your supply purchases from just any company out there. You want to make sure that you are buying from professionals who hold their customers in high regard.

Contractors who specialize in electrical work such air conditioning installation need to have this type of organization on their side for all types of service. This includes all types of electrical contractorsmaterials for nearly every application. This includes industrial and commercial products. Some companies need just one or two items on a regular basis. For example, schools, churches, nursing home facilities, and hospitals have large numbers of rooms requiring various components. You may need to have a go-to supplier for lower costs.

Keep in mind that government and utility companies also use these organizations to get the materials necessary to keep their facilities up and running. It is a good idea to find a company that can offer what you need for renovations, construction projects, or just maintaining the current building and fixtures.

Whether you are an individual person or a commercial business, you will need to know how to find the best supplier for all your electric needs. A professional in the electric industry will know how to do this and a good one is trustworthy and can be depended on for all your future supply needs.

How to research quality electrical wholesalers if you are an electrician

When you’re an electrician , getting the right prices on your tools and equipment is essential to doing your job properly, to earn your income and be price competitive in a trade that’s becoming high in demand as Australia’s top cities are hitting the highest growth in residential property the country has seen in decades.

Searching for the right electrical wholesaler can be an integral part to your business success, so we have our top 5 choices in and around Australia to get your business booming.


Ideal Electrical Supplies

Has been servicing residential and commercial electricians with their supplies since 1990, and has since expanded to 42 branches and lighting showrooms across Queensland and Victoria alone. They stock a large range and quality supply of electrical, data and lighting to local and interstate electricians within Australia as well as providing advice and detailed information for tradies on new and upcoming equipment.

Precise Electrical Services

These guys are the best local Adelaide electricians who both supply services and products to the customers and businesses of Adelaide, South Australia. They’ve been in the game for a long time as the Precise Trade Group. They supply products such as hot water systems, lighting, CCTV equipment, data, air conditioners, solar panels, wiring and more. Great prices and availability.

John R Turk Electrical

Whether its electrical, data or communications, John Turks electrical supplies has built is reputation on quality service, large and diverse ranging and a strong buying pull in the industry making it price competitive against other larger retailers when it comes to supplying local Australian sparkies with their tools of the trade. Currently considered the leader in the market, these guys also provide you with efficient and friendly staff and 42 branches across New South Wales, Queensland and Northern territory to cater for all your electrical needs.

Rexel Electrical Supplies

Considered one of the largest electrical wholesalers in Australia, Rexel Electrical leads in market in servicing commercial, industrial, residential and retail industries with state of the art products and energy efficient solutions. You can also buy in bulk with them meaning higher savings for your business. They also offer high quality supplies, with up to date technological information and training to help you keep up to date with any changes within the industry.

Page Data

A wholesaler of voice and data communication – are specialist in their field. While this may not be your one stop shop for everything electrical – Page Data have nationwide distribution centres to service electrical installers Australia wide.

Schap Electrical Products

Just new to the game, Schap operate out of an online store giving you the best prices for quality electrical supplies. With coemptive pricing and online and telephone support they are revolutionising the way electrical tradies shop for supplies. They offer anything from switchboards to Thermal overloads making this the Costco of the electrical supplies market!

So whether your preference is cheap pricing or to find a wholesaler to have a chat about new products and ideas one of these top distributors will suit yours and your business needs.

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