Soldering Tutorial For Beginners: Five Easy Steps

If you’ve ever wondered how to solder electronic components, you’ve come to the right place! This video breaks down soldering technique into five steps. I’ll show you how to solder through-hole components as well as how to solder wire.

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How To Clean Electronics And Sensitive Electrical Components

WD-40® Specialist® Electrical Contact Cleaner blasts away oil, dirt, flux residue and condensation from sensitive electronics and electrical equipment to keep it running smoothly. It dries quickly, leaves no residue and removes more soil than leading competitors, making it the best at cleaning electrical contacts.

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Understanding Basic Electrical Wiring And Components Of Air Conditioning Systems

Talks about basic electrical wiring and components in a straight cool split type air conditioner. Also, details how the parts work and how the electrical works. Designed for AC Repair Technicians, We will also draw a wiring diagram from scratch explaining how and why at every step.
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